World’s Top Museums

Museums provide you with a unique experience of some of the best masterpieces of all time. It is the place where you can get the essence of all the glorious things that happened in the past. Museums allow you to learn about various societies in the world and how people lived in the past. There are many museums in the world, and the following are some of the top museums you can visit:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY:

The Metropolitan Museum is one of the top tourist’s attractions in New York City, and the museum is affectionately called as the MET by the New Yorkers. The museum is so huge that even if you spend the entire day at the museum, you will not be able to see all the things in the museum. You will get to see various art collections and artefacts.

Le Louvre, Paris:

Louvre was a place, and it belonged to the Kings of France before it became a museum. One of the main attractions of the museum is the pyramid that was designed by I.M Pei. The museum has many collections, and if you are planning to visit the museum, the Sully Wing is one of the best places to start your sightseeing. If you happen to have your kids with you, you must visit the Egyptian rooms as it has many exciting things. Some of the top attractions of this museum are Venus de Milo, Mona Lisa, Winged Victory of Samothrace etc.

Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C:

The Smithsonian institution has about 19 museums and a lot of research centres. The museum has more than 137 million items in it, and it is one of the largest museums in the world. The museum is so big that you will never be able to see all the items that are kept over there. Thus it is good to plan and go to places which you are interested. Some of the main attractions here are the Gem Hall, the Flyer of Wright Brothers, Apollo 11 command module, dresses of all the first ladies of the United States of America.

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, the Netherlands:

If you are interested in paintings that are done by the Dutch, Rijksmuseum is the place you must go. The museum is filled with art collections from the 17th Century and the Middle Ages. Some of the famous paintings that are kept at the museum are painted by painters like Ruysdael, Johannes Vermeer, Rembrandt van Rijn, Frans Hals etc.

American Museum of Natural History, Upper West Side, New York City, New York, USA, North America

British Museum, London:

In the 19thh century, the national collections were split into two museums, one was the National History Museum of London, and the other was the British Museum. The national history museum has more than 70 million specimens, and this museum has many pieces of evidence to support the evolution of life. The museum does not charge you for a visit, and some of the top attractions include Rosetta stone, Egyptian galleries etc.