The Best Science Museums in the United States

Science museums are one of the best places to take your kids. They learn a lot of things and develop a passion for learning. There are many museums in the United States for kids who are under the age of 6. So you don’t have to think that your kid might not understand what is there in the museum. The following are some of the best science museums in the United States:

Exploratorium, San Francisco

The Exploratorium has a lot of interactive exhibits and can explore various scientific things and learn a lot about light, vision and sound. The museum has special events on the weekends and if you happen to go to the museum tries not to miss out those events.

National Air and Space Museum, Washington, DC

The National Air and Space Museum is inside the Smithsonian Institution, and it is one of the best places to see and learn about the history of aviation and explore various things about space and astronomy. The museum has a lunar rock, and you are even allowed to touch the rock. The museum has galleries, IMAX theatre, planetarium, live demonstrations, 3-D simulations and even storytelling.

Museum of Science, Boston:

The museum of Boston is one of the best places for kids to learn about natural history, technology and science in a fun way. The museum provides many hands-on activities for the kids, and there is also a beautiful butterfly garden and a planetarium at the museum. There is an entire wing at the museum which is entirely dedicated to live presentations, 4-D films, IMAX etc.

Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago:

The Museum of Science and Industry at Chicago is one of the largest science museums in the world, and it has many hands-on exhibit and activities for kids. They tell you about the science behind tornadoes, avalanches and other things. Kids can learn about the ocean currents, weather patterns and other geological things.


Centre of Science and Industry, Columbus:

Both adults and kids can have fun at the Centre of Science and Industry museum. You get to learn about space, technology, energy, solar system etc. There is a huge theatre, and you also get to see many live science shows.

California Science Center, Los Angeles:

The science centre at Los Angeles offers some of the best science exhibitions for kids, and it is a place where kids can learn about a lot of things about the world and outer space. The museum does not collect an entry fee, and it also hosts many programs and free shows.

Arkansas Museum of Discovery, Little Rock

Arkansas museum is mainly for the kids who are under the age of 6. The museum has many hands-on exhibit and activities. Kids learn about many things in an interactive manner and through various mathematical applications.