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Take a look at the different real-life sites and buildings that we have preserved for you. 

RCMP Machinery Building

Log / Sod Hut

Blacksmith / Tinsmith Shop

Likeness School

Love to learn history more than what you can see here? Then do not stop just as a visitor. You can enroll yourself as a learning member and learn more about history on a regular basis. There is always something great about learning what we love, so join us!

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Howard E Thomas

Hi, I am Thomas. I am a member of the Camrose council. I still remember the days when we started small, but today where we have reached is a bit huge. We couldn’t believe our own eyes. The love and support that we get for our act of preserving history makes us feel grateful for what we have chosen. Join us and share our love for history and monuments!

We are making history by preserving history. Join us in the movement to make better contribution to the future generations.

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 Pablo Picasso

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